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Special Emphasis Week

This year’s Special Emphasis Week (SEW) will be held from Friday, March 25th to Thursday, March 31st. Details can be found at the end of this newsletter. We are excited to be partnering once again with Daystar Ministries, offering Indigenous community support on Manitoulin Island. More information is available through the daily announcements. We will be revealing our grand total for our fundraising component of SEW on Monday, April 4th. Any parents interested in matching funds with our students to help our fundraising efforts, please contact Mrs. Sutherland (m.sutherland@woodland.on.ca).

What is SEW?

SEW is a week set aside to promote awareness regarding a specific topic or cause and to raise funds for a special project. Our SEW event will take place between March 25-31, 2022. This marks our 16th annual SEW event at Woodland!

What is the topic?

Our SEW focus for this year will explore the theme of “Renewing Hope.” We want to listen, learn, and give in ways that will honor Indigenous communities in Canada, particularly the community on Manitoulin Island. Indigenous communities are coming to terms with historical indignities, displacement, discouragement, and loss. We pray that our school theme of "Renewing through Community" will apply deeply as we seek to understand what it means to extend community to people who have been marginalized in our country. Our SEW theme verse from Luke 18 is a powerful call to cherish all children as Image Bearers of God who are loved by Jesus, and to do what we can to promote the care and protection of Indigenous children and their communities.

What is our SEW theme Verse? Luke 18:16 (The Message) “Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s hope and joy!”

Themes Phrase:

Renewing Hope

Who is our fundraising partner?

The organization and people we are excited to partner with this year are Daystar Ministries and the Pennings family, who live with and serve the Indigenous communities on Manitoulin Island.

SEW Goals:

• To raise awareness regarding the work of Daystar on Manitoulin Island.

• To challenge our community to continue to learn more about the ministry of DayStar, as well as raising our awareness to current issues facing Indigenous people in Ontario.

• To raise $5000+ for Daystar Ministries. Our giving project funds will be used to refurbish their community center lower level to include new and inviting decor, furniture and other facility features.

• Special Guests: Anthony and Barbara Pennings.

SEW News:

SEW PASSES -are available to purchase for $50 today and tomorrow (March 24 and 25). This FAST PASS will provide students with access to all SEW events, including all-you-can-eat pancakes, this year’s SEW T-Shirt, and so much more!

SEW SCHEDULE - a full schedule of events and chapel speakers will be available soon. Stay tuned for more details!

What is our schedule? Our SEW calendar for more info