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"Hey! Do you know what day it is today?" - said Mr. Branan on Tuesday, September 7th

Most people would respond, "It's the first day of school!" However, in Mr. Branan's words, "Nope! It's the first day of next year's recruiting season!"

Over the past 18+ months, many of the school operations have pivoted online. The process of making an inquiry, setting up a school visit, requesting a shadow day or school tour, even making an application has transitioned to online. The school is now using a new tool to process inquires and applications. The tool is called SchoolAdmin and it can be accessed via the school website, social media, or through the URL: woodland.schooladmin.ca.

SchoolAdmin tracks families and students from prospect to pupil. Whether the inquiry is still in elementary school (the earliest one we already have is currently in grade 4) or a current high school transfer the online portal moves the student prospect along and tracks their progress through various checklist items from Inquiry to Applicant to Enrollment, even preparing tuition contracts for each family from the business office.

The portal is student-centric, which means that each individual student is tracked and then linked to the correct family. 

All new inquiries and Grade 8 - 9 applications will be done this way, replacing the paper applications. The program also handles and identifies International inquiries and applications. Beginning in January, each current family will receive and email to confirm their household information and begin the enrollment process for the following year. It is our hope that this will reduce data errors between the other contact information systems such as Quickbooks, Edsembli, Edsby, and Constant Contact.