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When Gandalf (aka Mr. Harris) Retires

Tom Brady may not be able to decide about retirement, retiring and then unretiring several times, but Wayne Harris is not Tom Brady! After 39 years of service at Woodland Christian High School, Mr. Harris has notified the staff and board of his plan to retire (and hit the golf links like the Winnipeg Jets during the playoffs!) at the end of this current school year. Wayne has been a valuable member of our school staff, teaching English, Construction Tech, Drama and courses in a number of other subject areas. Wayne is part of the administrative team at Woodland, and he has contributed to the formation and development of positive school culture. As Vice-Principal of Student Affairs, he has earned the respect and the admiration of many students who have sat in his office for various reasons (some of whom are now colleagues on staff). Wayne has contributed to the development of Woodland’s sport programs, most recently in Badminton and Volleyball. He will be greatly missed by many at Woodland! We wish him all the best! A celebration of Wayne’s career will be held on June 22, 2022, with more details to follow. Be sure to save and share the date!