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Considering Christian High School after grade 8? Unfortunately, we were not able to hold our traditional Grade 8 Day and Parent Information Night. So rather than bring you to the school, we are bringing school to you!

Our student ambassadors in cooperation with Simplicity Productions have prepared a few videos to give you an idea about the transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9. We also have prepared an online tour or walk-through of the school. This is a bit longer but helps you see most of our classes. We have also hosted an online Parent Information Night and included that video on this page as well. 

Of course, we really want you to visit our campus! Therefore, we are inviting you to book a personal, safety-conscious tour of the school - ANYTIME! Admission professionals are available during the school day, evenings, or even weekends to provide you and your family with a tour of the school and to journey with you in the registration process.