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Do you want to know what it would be like to attend a Christian High School?

Discover your place at Woodland Christian High School. We have programs for all types of students!


Competitive Sports

Music, Art, Drama

Robotics, Mathematics & Computer Tech

Multimedia, Sound & Video Tech

Strong Academics & Enrichment

Academic or Applied Stream &

Robust Academic Support Strategies

Business & Construction/Manufacturing Technologies


Discover our unique STEM streams, ARTS courses, or outstanding and academically challenging courses.

Be pioneers in F.A.S.T Track! A High Skills Major equivalent program we designed (Focused Additional Skills Training). 

Experience excellence in distinctively Christian and diverse teaching and learning environments.

Look for solutions to BIG world issues from the right foundations of FOCUS, FRIENDSHIP, and FAITH.

Become a person that is enfolded, engaged, and equipped for lives of Christian faith and service. Be prepared academically for college, university and apprenticeship programs after high school. Develop life skills that reflect creativity, character, compassion, competence, and a Christian worldview! 

Join us (and over 100 other Grade 8 Students) on Thursday, December 5th for GRADE EIGHT DAY!






Are you trying to discern what kind of high school education is best for your child?

What fits with your family's lifestyle and convictions?

Do you want to continue to train up your children under the guidance of God's word and His Spirit?

Then consider the impact and the help that a Christian high school offers!

Consider the following:

  • Christian schools are places of structured learning that nurtures children intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • A Christian high school is committed to helping your teen learn to be a part of God's plan and work of renewal in the world today.
  • Christian high school educates teens for a life in faith that offers freedom to explore who they are as individuals and part of a community that engages the culture around them.
  • Discipleship and discipline are closely related. Christian high school prepares students more than it protects. Kids are not sheltered from culture and the world around them they are taught to engage the world and live Christian lives within it. Woodland is a safe place to ask questions and to search for answers with the support of God's word, Christian teachers, friends, and the curriculum.

Do you already have your children in Christian elementary school? Continue to build upon the foundation that you've already given them! 

Don't think that you can afford to have your teens in Christian high school? Maybe you can't afford not to. Ask about tuition assistance for those that can demonstrate the need.

Worried about the influences and the transitions you are about to face over the next few years while your teen wrestles with and formulates answers to life's most important questions: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Should I Do? Who Will I Do it With? Why not check out how Christian education can support your faith and the faith of your child during the turbulent teen years? Do you really think your church participation is preparing them enough?

Join us Thursday Evening, December 5th

to tour the school, meet the teachers,

and hear about what Christian Education is all about.

For more information call the school or download the poster.

Quick FAQS...

ADMISSIONS: No child is excluded from the school on the basis of race, colour or nationality. To enroll a child, parents should show a sincere interest in the nature, purpose, and program of the school with a genuine desire and awareness that their teens will receive a Christian education. 

FINANCES: A significant portion of the cost of operating a Christian school is covered by parents through tuition fees. We want to ensure that young people are not denied the benefits of Christian education because of finances, therefore we strive to keep Christian education as affordable for as many families as possible. At Woodland, our tuition is an all-inclusive tuition that covers the cost of education, transportation, activities, and most school trips. If you would like to learn more about financial assistance please call our admissions and/or business office. 

AFFILIATION: Many Christian schools are part of provincial or regional organizations for support and advice. Schools work together in areas such as leadership, curriculum, and financial stewardship. Woodland is affiliated with Edvance Christian Schools, Edifide, and the Christian School Foundation. We partner with other organizations such as Christian Schools International, ACSI, Christian Stewardship Services, and others. Woodland is inspected regularly by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS: Education is, first of all, a parental responsibility. The government has a legitimate role in ensuring that children receive a proper standard of education. Our school meets government requirements for operation including teacher certification, cooperation with inspections, and follows their recommendations for safe schools.