• Emotional Care & Mental Health

    Emotional Care & Mental Health

Assisting Students with Personal Concerns Wherever Possible and Appropriate

The Guidance department at Woodland Christian High School can assist students with personal concerns wherever possible and appropriate and/or make referrals to the CAPS program outlined below. Our guidance counsellors will be available to meet with students at specific times during every school day and by appointment.

Mental Health Issues

It is common for many students to experience emotional turmoil during adolescence. While most individuals will feel stress, anxiety, or sadness from time to time, daily recurrence of these feelings for a prolonged period of time is not typical and can lead to health-related issues, as well as an inability to participate meaningfully in the events of daily life. Extended episodes of stress, anxiety and/or depression will invariably impact school attendance and academic performance.

Please refer to the Parent Student Handbook Appendix: Mental Health and Concussion Information as a parent-student guide for dealing with mental health issues while attending Woodland.


If a student is in crisis and needs immediate assistance, Woodland may refer students to the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit (CAIP) of Grand River Hospital.

If you feel your child is in crisis, or a danger to themselves or others, please go to the Grand River Hospital emerge where they can assess and admit. They service all surrounding areas.


Woodland is pleased to partner with Shalem Mental Health Network to provide the Counseling Assistance Plan for Students (CAPS), which is a free counseling service from qualified Christian Counselors in the area. Students and families are provided with a 1-800 number that they can call. The service is confidential, and pairs students with a qualified Christian counselor in their local area. For more information, please contact our Guidance department (ext. 119)

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