• Guidance


The Role of Guidance at Woodland:

  • To assist students in adjusting to the high school environment.
  • To monitor student progress and make suggestions to teachers, parents, and students for improvement academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • To provide resources for students dealing with mental and emotional health related issues.
  • To support students in their post-secondary pathway.
CAPS counselling hotline

For information regarding Guidance Issues at Woodland, please contact the Guidance Officers listed below:

Grade 11-12

Harvey Goossen

Goossen H..JPG
ext. 117

Scheduling, Post-secondary Applications

Grade 10, Counselling & Crisis Services

Nathan Johnson

Johnson N..JPG

ext. 119

Scheduling, eLearning, Emotional Counselling & Crisis Services

Grade 9

Bernadine Verstraeten

Verstraeten B..JPG

ext. 116

Scheduling, Student Leadership, Grade Dynamics