• Academic Support

    Academic Support

Woodland Christian High School has an academic support program run by the Director of Academic Support (Marjorie Pasma) and assisted by Educational Assistants. The program offers 3 different areas of academic support to students that have various strengths and learning needs:

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Peer Tutoring

For those students who would benefit from extra help from a peer on a more regular basis, peer tutoring is offered in the classroom setting. Students may request peer tutors themselves or may be referred by teachers or parents, and then they are set up specifically with a student who can help them.  Peer helpers may earn academic credit for their work or activity credit.

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Homework Club

Tuesday & Thursday


This support is offered after school every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm-4:30pm. Any student is able to come and work in the classroom, to get help from a senior level student, with a supervising teacher who is present and able to assist with any questions. Students can also prearrange with their particular teacher to meet with them after school at this club to get extra help.

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A.S.P (Academic Support Program)

This program serves the needs of students of all levels of ability who face challenges in their academic work, assisting them to identify their gifts, learning styles and unique learning needs.  The goal of the program is to help students develop skills and strategies, not only to assist them in reaching their academic goals to the best of their abilities, but also to foster positive lifelong habits and skills.

The ASP program is not offered to everyone.  A student enters the ASP program through a previous IEP (Individual Education Plan) substantiated by appropriate assessment(s) and/or teacher referral through the Guidance Department.  In this program, alternate credits may be available for certain students. It is through this program that academic accommodations are made available to students.


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Contact Support

For more information about the Academic Support Programs at Woodland please contact the Admissions Department or the Director of Academic Support: Ms. Westervelt by email or phone: 519-648-2114 (ext. 123).