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Matthew Hazenberg, International Student Coordinator

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Paul Branan, Admissions

519-648-2114, ext. 141


Essential Documents:

Online International Student Application Form
Create an online account and follow the application process.

Please indicate that the student is an International Application if a Letter of Acceptance is required to apply for or extend a government-issued Study Permit. 

International Admission Policies

Woodland Christian High School accepts students from many international countries including China, Korea, South/Central America, Europe, and the United States. 

All English Language Learners will be tested at school for proficiency and determination of Langauge Level. 

All students are expected to participate in school related activities regardless of religious affiliation or persuasion.

The school reserves the right to limit international enrollment to a maximum of 10% of the overall student populaiton and no more than 15% of any one grade.

As a matter of practice, Woodland does not compensate agents or agencies for recruiting students or for any services rendered throughout the enrolment process. We will only work in cooperation with individuals and agencies that truthfully reflect the schools mission, vision, worldview, and financial obligations.


International Application Process

Follow the steps below to enroll an International Student at Woodland Christian High School. The Admission Package contains all the necessary information for enrollment.

  1. Click on this link to complete the appropriate
    Online International Admission Account.
  2. Arrange for transfer of the initial tuition deposit (minimum 2 months tuition or payment in full).
  3. ALSO Required to Submit with the Application:
    Copy of Photo Identification with Birthdate AND
    Current School Records (either transcripts or report cards).
  4. The principal either approves/rejects admission.
  5. When the Application for Admission arrives and has been accepted and Tuition Deposit is verified, a “Letter of Acceptance” will be forwarded to the agent and/or guardian/parent.
  6. Submit any additional academic performance records from the current and previous school years.
  7. Submit proof of medical insurance.
  8. Submit proof of citizenship or immigrant status in Canada.
  9. When a student arrives in Canada, the Principal will meet with the student and guardian/parents to complete the registration process and course selection. 
  10. All forms may be mailed to the school, faxed (519-648-3402), or emailed to admissions@woodland.on.ca