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All of our staff are highly qualified, OTC (Ontario Teacher’s Certificate) certified teachers, many of whom also hold the CSTC (Christian School Teacher’s Certificate) and have Honours or Masters level education. Our teachers maintain professional affiliations that include the Ontario College of Teachers, Ontario Christian Schools Teachers Association (Edvance), and many of the Ontario Departmental Teachers Associations (such as English, History, Science, Technology, Business etc.).

Woodland staff can be contacted by email.

Woodland uses a standard email format of firstinitial.lastname@woodland.on.ca for example: Joe Smith = j.smith@woodland.on.ca

When making contact with staff either by phone or email we request that you be respectful in your communication and mindful of the fact that they might not respond immediately but will respond in a timely fashion.


VanPelt J..JPG
Mr. J. VanPelt
Principal, Physical Education

Reitsma B..JPG

Mrs. B. Reitsma
Office Administrator

Sutherland M..JPG

Mrs. M. Sutherland
Vice-Principal – Leadership Development & Student Success, Science

Hazenberg M..JPG

Mr. M. Hazenberg
Vice-Principal - School Culture & Student Discipleship, Humanities, ELL

Wiebenga M..JPG

Mrs. M. Wiebenga
Vice Principal - Program: Learning and Instruction, English, Humanities

Branan P..JPG

Mr. P. Branan
Advancement/Development Director, Admissions

Wright J..JPG

Mr. J. Wright
Director of Finance & Operation

Support Staff

Hellinga L..JPG

Mrs. L. Hellinga

Admin. Assistant: Board & Finance


Zarnke J..JPG

Mrs. J. Zarnke
Admin. Assistant: Communications & Events

Van Ankum T..JPG

Mrs. T. VanAnkum
Humanities, English, Librarian

Fitzpatrick J..JPG

Mrs. J. Fitzpatrick
Educational Assistant

Rumph M..JPG

Mrs. M. Rumph
Personal Support Worker

Otten S..JPG

Mrs. S. Otten
Personal Support Worker

Mrs. P. Hazenberg

Educational Assistant


Custodial Staff

Miss J. Martin,

Ms. L. Miller

Teaching Staff

Agbonaye N..JPG
Mrs. N. Agbonaye

Albrecht S..JPG

Mrs. S. Albrecht
Art, Geography, Careers

Arthur R..JPG

Mrs. R. Arthur
English, Bible

Bruinsma M..JPG

Mrs. M. Bruinsma

Bryson J..JPG

Mrs. J. Bryson
Mathematics, Science

Dale C..JPG

Mrs. C. Dale
Mathematics, Science

Goossen H..JPG

Mr. H. Goossen
Guidance, Humanities

Graham D..JPG

Mr. D. Graham
English, Drama

Hunse J..JPG

Mr. J. Hunse
Choir, Mathematics, Science

Johnson N..JPG

Mr. N. Johnson
Guidance, Tech, Physical Education

Kooy S..JPG

Mr. S. Kooy
Humanities, Physical Education, Tech, Co-op

Mrs. C. Leferink


Ms. M. Lougheed

Science, French

Plaisier K..JPG

Mrs. K. Plaisier
Physical Education, Science

Radford P.JPG

Mr. P. Radford
Computers, Media, Etc.

Stevens S..JPG

Mr. S. Stevens
Business, Humanities

VanderVaart A..JPG

Mr. A. VanderVaart
Mathematics, Science, Accounting, Tech

Vandervaart J..JPG

Mrs. J. VanderVaart

VanderWal M..JPG

Mrs. M. VanderWal

Verstraeten B..JPG

Mrs. B. Verstraeten
French, Physical Education

Westervelt M..JPGMrs. M. Westervelt
English, Humanities, Academic Support

Zurakowsky S..JPG

Mr. S. Zurakowsky
Instrumental Music