• Faith Development

    Faith Development

At Woodland Christian High School we strive to nurture student faith…

Faith development means we pray in our classrooms and throughout the day. We have the freedom and desire to openly and intentionally acknowledge God’s presence and working in our lives whenever the need or desire is present throughout the day. At any given moment any number of classes may be engaged in prayer throughout the day and every day begins with devotions.

But is that all? Isn’t there more that makes a school – CHRISTIAN?

  • Faith development means we worship together in chapel. We value and treasure the freedom and opportunity we have to worship as a group. Every grade level at every school regularly joins together in times of community worship, praise, and prayer. This is an opportunity to listen to God’s Word and apply it to our lives as it informs all that we do and say throughout the day.
  • Faith development means that we have Bible classes and a comprehensive Bible curriculum. The Bible classes are unique from what a student receives in Sunday School through his or her church. Woodland’s Bible curriculum studies God’s Word with a desire to see how the stories are centered and focused on God, the author and finisher of our faith. Students and faculty deeply and thoughtfully explore the Biblical text: its context, geography, history, and culture. All of these components significantly impact what the Bible meant to its original audience and consequently, how it speaks to us today. Woodland’s Bible teachers strive to have the Bible read and experienced meaningfully, and responded to faithfully.
  • Faith development means we live and share lives of faithfulness together, in truth and grace. Relationships matter at Woodland Christian High. Staff members are thoroughly committed to Jesus Christ and his Word and to living lives of faithfulness before God. The importance of relationships is emphasized not only in the classroom but in extracurricular activities, fine arts, sports, retreats, trips, and service opportunities. Through shared experiences, the staff and students openly and honestly share their joys and sorrows, trials and triumphs, confessions and restorations. It is the desire of the Woodland staff to develop deep and sincere relationships with students as they share life together.

The committment to faith development drives us to think beyond ourselves both locally and globally in acts of service. It is our desire to be bringers of “shalom” here and now, at every grade level and age. Some of the service activities that students participate in throughout the year include: collecting food and household supplies for local food banks, participating in the adopt-a-family program at Christmas, visiting street ministries and shelters. Students are also encouraged to respond throughout the year as needs arise. This includes things like collecting household items for local families in need, collections for needs in other countries including post earthquake Haiti or post tsunami Japan, or building schools in South America. In addition to these things, students are challenged to think about how what they are learning in their current classes could be used immediately to make a difference in their world. These are just a few examples of opportunities for students to respond to God in the area of service.

Faith development means that with integrity, through the course of every day, every hour, every class, and every discipline, we intentionally acknowledge that “This is my Father’s World” and that everything belongs to him. The Bible provides the bedrock foundation and lens through which we see God more clearly. Every subject, every concept, every hypothesis, and every truth is taught through this particular worldview. God is sovereign and created all things good. Yet all things have fallen from that original goodness. Jesus Christ, by his death and resurrection has redeemed all things and eventually will restore them. And, finally, we join the Holy Spirit’s work of restoration by seeking to make all things new. All things hold together in Christ. This is our lens. This Biblical framework gives focus and shape to our study, our lives, our past, present, and future, and our response to all that we learn.

This is truly education that is Christian. This is education that meets the whole child with integrity and intention. This is education in which students are intentionally and thoughtfully met with opportunities to encounter God and respond to Him in faithfulness and in grace.