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    Woodland News

Woodland Christian HIgh School is pleased to unveil the newly redesigned website! In partnership with Blueprint Agencies, Woodland is now on the responsive Concrete5 theme based platform rather than the former WordPress platform. 

Concrete5 will provide better SEO and less possibility harmful hacks that cause service disruption. 

The new website still has familiar components and time saving devices for parents:

  • The Woodland Calendar
  • Bus Cancellation Link
  • Social Media Links
  • Quick Links to Phone #, Email, Edsby, and The Involved Parent Network

But it has a new look and feel

  • More responsive and intuitive
  • Main Menu Drop Down with all major links for one click access
  • It is more mobile friendly for better use on tablets, iPads, and smart phones
  • Guidance, Library and Daily Announcement Links are more easily accessible through the drop down menu
  • Hyperlinks to office email, Edsby, social media icons and calling are quick and simple

Most of the features and content are in place, as photos become available they will be updated and refreshed. 

Your feedback is appreciated, it helps us to improve the user experience. We have chosen to use the website more as an advertising, marketing, student recruitment tool. Current parents can still access necessary information pertenant to them (such as Guidance, IPN, the Calendar, etc.), however we encourage all school families to utilize the Edsby student management system adopted by the school. 

If you have input on the website please send it to advancement@woodland.on.ca. Not all suggestions will be incorporated, but they will be reviewed and considered.