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December 11, 2018


At its November meeting, the Woodland Board of Directors decided to extend the late busing pilot project until the end of the school year.  Based on the data we have reviewed, as well as the feedback we have received from parents, there is a lot of excitement about this initiative.  Specifically, we have seen more students involved in afterschool co-curricular programs, more students taking advantage of additional academic support through the afterschool homework club, and fewer students driving to and from school.

Over the first two months of our initial pilot project we have seen the following trends:

  • On average, daily ridership is 47 students. That is between 20 students to 55 students take the late bus on any given day.

  • About 65% of school families have taken advantage of the late school busing.

  • The buses from Cambridge and Drayton/Listowel have the highest ridership and the bus from Guelph has the fewest riders.

  • The average cost/student/day is just over $10

  • The total cost of the initiative for second semester will be approximately $34,000


We anticipate the use of late busing to increase as students and families become more familiar with the service. Also, more student activities take place in the spring, and so we expect ridership to increase as students take advantage of those opportunities.  We believe this initiative is meeting the goals we set in setting up the program: providing safe transportation for all of our students; reducing the time parents and students are on the road; and increasing the opportunities for all students to participate in all school programs.

We do recognize this initiative comes at a cost that has only been budgeted for the first semester (the end of January).  If you have been using the service, would you consider making an additional contribution, beyond your regular tuition, to help reduce the extra costs of extending the pilot project to June.  Your help will limit the impact of this initiative on our current budget.

Moving forward, the board will continue to monitor the data we receive and examine ways we can continue to provide this service with as little impact on the budget as possible.  As always, we value your input and feedback.



Mike Hayhoe

Chairman of the Board