Students gain knowledge of the discipline of music through the study of its elements, structure, and history in a choral and instrumental setting. Information is practically applied to the choral music at hand. This leads to a discovery of students’ individual God-given ability to communicate through music, enhancing their own creative potential to glorify their Creator.

Woodland’s music department strives to expose and educate each unique student in various aspects of the music world. The advantages to a music education at a Christian school include: freedom to sing of God and our faith; ability to reflect on how music can be used in ways that glorify or draw us away from God; and finally to acknowledge, affirm, and develop our God-given talents for service in God’s kingdom. Woodland’s music staff, hopes to instill in each student an understanding of the world of music, their place in it, and how we can use music in a way that is pleasing to God and engages the culture around us.