Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program is a valuable and necessary element of the overall high school curriculum. It provides a balance to the academic courses by offering practical courses which are designed to develop the creative talents of the student. This is valuable because it nurtures gifts and aspects of character which often remain hidden or underdeveloped in other courses. It is necessary because we are made in the image of the Creator and we therefore have innate creativity which must be expressed in some form. The Fine Arts courses educate, refine, and mobilize this inherent creativity. All courses are highly practical, but each one integrates theory, Christian perspective, and some history.


Students learn to “see” more actively, intensely and reflect their vision in creative ways.


These introductory drama courses are structured to give students new experiences in creativity and self-expression. Theatrical games, tableau, mime, voice and scripting are studied as students improve their group skills and learn to overcome personal restraints.

Along with courses, student may choose to participate in extra curricular drama activities such as Improv Team or our audition for the Annual Drama Production.


Students gain knowledge of the discipline of music through the study of its elements, structure, and history in a choral and instrumental setting. Information is practically applied to the choral music at hand. This leads to a discovery of students’ individual God-given ability to communicate through music, enhancing their own creative potential to glorify their Creator.