1. The purpose of the society is to promote Christian education and to encourage participation in the activities of Woodland Christian High School. It may do so in a variety of ways, including encouraging people to join the society, holding information
sessions about Christian education, organizing events to promote Christian education, organize adult education events about issues related to the Christian faith and to Christian education, such as parenting, stewardship, and the media.
2. The society exists to protect and promote the core Christian values and goals of Woodland Christian High School.
3. Members of the society are eligible to vote on society business and to serve on the Board of Directors and its Committees and Chapter Boards.


1. Membership in the society is open to persons who:

a) Are Christians who accept and support the constitution of the Cambridge District Association for Christian Education, and the mission, the vision, the goals and the
core values of the school.
b) Demonstrate that acceptance and support by their actions and words.
c) Pay the annual membership fee.
d) Are Woodland staff members/employees.

For more information please contact Paul Branan or Neil Klapwyk at 519-648-2114 during school hours.

For a copy of this policy and application forms click here.


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