Annual Fund Drive

Contributions to the Nurturing the Vision Annual Fund Drive help Woodland to continue to provide excellent Christian high school education to young people throughout our community, and help to keep that education affordable for as many families as possible. Each spring, usually the first two weeks of April, volunteers from the various chapters of the Woodland community will contact people to partner with us financially.

Parents are encouraged to be an active part of the school community and give their gifts of time, talent and treasure. The school’s faculty, staff and administration willingly and wholeheartedly share their gifts and talents to make Woodland an excellent place of learning for our students. The fund drive provides an opportunity for members of the Christian community to support the families within their community who have chosen Christian Education for their children and young people.

Would you please join us in supporting the families of Woodland Christian High School and make a gift or a pledge to the Nurturing the Vision Annual Fund Drive? Every donation is important and appreciated!

What’s the Annual Fund?

The annual fund is a yearly fundraising campaign designed to help the School balance its annual operating budget and provide funds for special projects and enhancements as determined by the principal and Head of School.

Who participates?

The annual fund drive is led by more than 60 volunteers who seek donations from church members, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, friends of the school, foundations and businesses.  All members of the Board of Directors and nearly all faculty, staff and administration make personal contributions to the annual fund.

Why’s it important to give?

Woodland is an independent private school and does not receive funding from the government or public support from taxes.  Tuition covers about 90% of the expenses of the school.  A successful annual fund drive helps to keep tuition costs down.  Also, high participation in the annual fund drive reflects a strong school community.  Businesses and foundations look for high participation when determining their potential support.

Where do the funds go?

Annual fund donations are directed first to meeting the necessary chapter assessments.  These assessments directly affect the annual operating budget of the school that support the academic programs, athletics, fine arts, library, technology, and financial aid.  Funds received over the budgeted assessments are used for program and campus enhancements or given to the Tuition Assistance Fund to make Christian education affordable for more families.