International Application Form

Follow the steps below to enroll at Woodland Christian High School. The Admission Package contains all the necessary information for enrollment.

  1. Click on the link to download the appropriate Admission Package.

  2. Print, complete, sign and submit the Application for Admissions and submit Tuition Deposit.

  3. ALSO Required to Submit with the Application: Copy of Photo Identification with Birthdate AND Current School Records (either transcripts or report cards).

  4. Principal approves/rejects admission.

  5. When the Application for Admission arrives and has been accepted and Tuition Deposit is included, a “Letter of Acceptance” will be forwarded to the agent or guardian/parent.
  6. Submit academic performance records from current and previous school year.
  7. Submit proof of medical insurance.
  8. Submit proof of citizenship or immigrant status in Canada.
  9. When student arrives in Canada, the Principal will meet with student and guardian/parents to complete the registration process.   International Student Application Form
  10. All forms may be mailed to the school, faxed (519-648-3402) or emailed to