Woodland Christian High School exists primarily to educate the children of Christian parents and to assist them in fulfilling their responsibility to nurture their children according to the teaching of God’s Word. Therefore, it is expected that parents who send their students to Woodland wish to see their children educated in accordance with the school’s basis and purpose, and that they will fully support the aims of the school’s policies and programs.

The admission of a student will be determined by:

  • The availability of an appropriate program, staffing and resources to meet the needs of the student.
  • The willingness of parents/guardians and students to support the school’s policies and programs as evidenced by their signature on the Student Enrollment Agreement and the Student Agreement Form included with the Application for Admission.
  • The availability of space in the classes required by the student.
  • The acceptance by the parents/guardians of the responsibility for paying tuition and other fees.
  • The availability of adequate information from the student’s previous school to enable the principal to make an informed decision about the student’s placement.
  • The principal’s determination that the student will be able to participate constructively in a structured program of studies based on a Christian worldview.

All forms of inquiries may be submitted by mail, fax (519-648-3402) or by email to