Course Selection

Students are encouraged to begin planning for the future by considering where God wants them to serve.  Prayer about decisions to set a life direction in harmony with God’s will is essential.  Course choices are the first of many decisions about career, vocation, and further education.  Every student has been blessed with talents, gifts, interests and abilities which are given so that God may be glorified.

When selecting courses, the following should be kept in mind:

  • It is generally an advantage to choose courses at the highest academic level where students can work effectively
  • Apprenticeship programs, colleges, and universities often change their requirements for admission.  Consult the most up-to-date information for post-secondary programs when making choices

The final approval of optional course selections rests with the parents in consultation with students and guidance staff

Guidance counsellors and teachers are always available to assist students in planning and making course selections

  • Parents, students, and/or student services may initiate a request to waive a pre-requisite course.  Request forms, available from the guidance office, must be completed by all the parties and must include the rationale for the request. The decision regarding the waiver of a pre-requisite will be made in the best interests of the student and the final decision will reside with the principal in consultation with school staff.
  • In the case that a required course is not offered at Woodland, it may be an option to enrol in a correspondence course, summer school, or night school course
  • It is required that students be enrolled in a minimum number of courses while attending Woodland, regardless of graduation requirements.  In grades 9 and 10 the minimum is 8.5 courses, in grade 11 the minimum is 8 courses, and in grade 12 the minimum is 7 courses.
  • Every attempt will be made to offer students a full complement of courses.  In some cases, lack of sufficient student interest or staffing shortages may result in some courses being withdrawn.  There are some courses that are offered in alternate years.

Correspondence and online courses are available to Woodland students only when the course is needed for graduation and is not available at Woodland. Please see the Guidance office for details.

Course Changes

Students are asked to fill in course selection sheets during February for the following school year.  The guidance counsellor and the rest of the staff are available to assist students in making appropriate choices.  Once courses have begun, students are strongly advised to continue with their chosen courses.  If a change is required, students must obtain permission for such a change from the guidance counsellor who will consult the subject teachers and the parents where appropriate.  Changes must be made before the end of the third week of classes each semester.