What Makes Woodland Different?

At Woodland Christian High School we work diligently to create and sustain a Christian community of learning.

We have chosen to teach the Ontario curriculum from a Christian worldview. Our desire is to develop in our students the ability to think and live biblically and to apply a Christian worldview to all areas of their lives.

We understand that we are created to know and to love God by entering into relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide our students with opportunities to make this choice a reality.

We aim to provide our students with instruction in godly living so that they may develop strong Christian character and integrity.

We challenge our students to excel in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities as a means of glorifying God and of preparing for their life’s work.

We provide programs whereby students may serve at Woodland, in churches, in the community, and beyond.  Each year opportunities for Christian service and missions are part of our programming.

At Woodland Christian High School we are committed to fulfilling our mission… to equip students for lives of Christian faith and service.

Spiritual Life and Development


Service Trips